Table 1

Supervision configurations of CHW teams and their catchment areas

TypeSupervisorBased inSite codeDescription of urban/rural location and type of community servedMaximum distance (km) CHW base to furthest household
1Professional and enrolled nurseClinic1ATownship* with relatively well-off households and apartheid-era housing2
1BTownship with RDP† housing and informal settlement‡3
2Professional and
enrolled nurse
Health post2ATownship1
2BLarge informal settlement, with many migrants1
3Enrolled nurse onlyClinic3ARural, informal settlement, also with RDP housing and farm plots6
3BRural, township and farm plots25
  • *Township: densely populated urban area built on the peripheries of towns and cities.

  • †RDP housing: low-cost government built housing.

  • ‡Informal settlements: where impoverished population build shacks on vacant land.

  • CHW, community health worker.