Table 3

Supervision of CHW—who, what and when

Supervision and location of teamsPN/EN clinic-basedPN/EN health post-basedEN clinic-based
Who supervises and is supervised
PN supervisor
 Age (years)65726659n.a.n.a.
 Years as nurse36>303839n.a.n.a.
 Years in programme4444n.a.n.a.
EN supervisor
 Number of JN in team221111
 Mean age (years)432928253631
 Mean years as nurse142.50.5352
 Years in programme0.
CHW (supervisee)
 Number of CHW in team16179121420
 Mean age in years (range)38 (26–53)39 (25–47)34 (27–45)37 (26–51)42 (23–58)33 (23–54)
 Mean years (range) as CHW7 (4–12)7 (3–16)7 (6–9)6 (3–12)10 (3–9)6 (5–17)
Formal training of CHWs
 % CHW received phase I training91%93%100%90%5.6%16.7%
 % CHW received phase II training91%21%100%46%0%0%
Supervision activities
Supervised home visits (day/week)
 By professional nursen.o.n.o.1Occasionaln.a.n.a.
 By enrolled nurse34–54–5s.s.4On request
On-the-job trainingYesYesYesYesn.o.s.s.
Regular debriefingDailyn.o.DailyWeeklys.s.s.s.
Examining daily logs and registersYesYesn.o.Yesn.o.n.o.
Assisting in reportingYesYesn.o.Yesn.o.n.o.
 Frequency of preparing reportsWeeklyMonthlyMonthlyWeeklyWeeklyMonthly
Resolving administrative mattersYesYesYesn.o.n.o.n.o.
  • CHW, community health worker; n.a., not applicable; n.o., not observed and not indicated in other information sources; s.s., the activity was mentioned by a single source other than CHWs, but was not indicated in other data sources.