Table 1

Awareness of alcohol marketing in the past month for young people in the UK

Marketing channelEveryday
Five to six times per week
Three to four times per week
Once to twice per week
Less than once a week
Not in the last month
Not sureSeen least weekMedian score (IQR)†
Adverts for alcohol
 in newspapers or magazines1.91.84.910.212.242.326.818.80 (6)
 on television5.05.412.020.515.422.419.342.96 (14)
 on billboards3.03.17.414.317.230.224.827.92 (6)
 on radio1. (0)
 on YouTube, Tumblr, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram or other social media2. (6)
Famous people in films, music videos, on TV or pictured in magazines with alcohol4.95.310.817.614.423.223.638.76 (14)
Sport sponsorship2.43.47.917.017.427.824.130.72 (6)
Special offers5.35.312.318.814.121.322.841.76 (14)
Competitions1. (2)
  • *Score for estimating the approximate number of days alcohol marketing was noticed in a 1-month period.

  • †Median number of alcohol marketing instances noticed in a 1-month period.

  • Base, all respondents (n=3399): weighted.