Table 3

Ownership of alcohol branded items by demographic and confounding variables

VariableValid n
Own branded merchandise (%)χ2 P value
 White British250619.0
 Other ethnicity74512.5
IMD quintile15.73<0.01
 1 (most deprived)65213.5
 5 (least deprived)65516.0
Country lived in0.97n.s.
 Northern Ireland10320.4
Legal purchase age100.33<0.001
Current drinker256.07<0.001
Higher-risk drinker222.98<0.001
 Not in education16136.6
 In education310616.4
Working status31.08<0.001
 Not in work302816.3
 In work23930.5
Parents accept use189.06<0.001
Peer accept use
  • Due to a large number of categories, analysis of how ownership of alcohol branded merchandise varied by mother (female carer), father (male carer) and close friend frequency consumption only reported in text.

  • χ2 = Bivariate Pearson χ2.

  • *Valid sample refers to those who answered ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Missing cases due to ‘don’t know’ response (n=123). Sample is weighted.