Table 5

Logistic regression of association between alcohol marketing and higher risk consumption among current drinkers

Higher risk consumption among current drinkers
nAOR*95% CI
95% CI
P value
  White British13640.970.691.37n.s.
IMD quintilen.s.
 1 (most deprived)232Ref
  2 vs 13341.651.082.52<0.05
  3 vs 1,23241.260.901.76n.s.
 4 vs 1,2,33401.210.901.64n.s.
  5 (most affluent) vs 1,2,3,43621.230.931.64n.s.
  Northern Ireland361.350.603.01n.s.
Educational status
 Not in education146Ref
  In education14461.611.012.55<0.05
Working status
 Not working1374Ref
  Working (full-time or part-time)2181.430.972.09n.s.
Living status
 Living with parents/adult family1307Ref
 Living independently2681.561.092.23<0.05
  Not stated171.580.544.60n.s.
Frequency of mother drinking<0.05
 Less than monthly versus never2840.470.270.79<0.01
 Monthly or fortnightly versus less often2791.220.831.79n.s.
 At least weekly versus less often849.93.701.24n.s.
  Not stated versus all other categories651.50.782.88n.s.
Frequency of father drinkingn.s.
 Less than monthly versus never1601.400.722.73n.s.
 Monthly or fortnightly versus less often2010.730.461.19n.s.
 At least weekly versus less often9640.830.611.15n.s.
  Not stated versus all other categories1911.140.751.72n.s.
Frequency of close friends drinking<0.001
 Less than monthly versus never1870.680.321.42n.s.
 Monthly or fortnightly versus less often4632.201.443.35<0.001
 At least weekly versus less often6673.412.484.70<0.001
  Not stated versus all other categories2030.570.370.890.013
Parents’ views
 Neutral or unacceptable473Ref
  Drinking acceptable11190.920.681.24n.s.
Peer views
 Neutral or unacceptable156Ref
  Drinking acceptable14361.410.882.25n.s.
Age of first drink<0.001
 Age 13 years or under472Ref
 Age 14–15 years (vs 13 years or under)5350.860.631.18n.s.
 Age 16 years or over (vs younger)4120.260.190.35<0.001
 Not stated1730.890.591.35n.s.
Alcohol marketing awareness<0.001
 Low awareness184Ref
 Medium versus low2742.181.393.42<0.001
 High versus medium and low3261.431.012.02<0.05
 Not stated versus all other categories8080.850.671.08n.s.
Own alcohol branded merchandise
 No or not sure1138Ref
  • Based on current drinkers (n=1592); data are unweighted.

  • Test of model coefficients in final block: χ² (35)=477.29, p<0.001.

  • Hosmer-Lemeshow test for final block χ² (8)=11.66, p=0.17.

  • Nagelkerke’s R² for final block=0.35.

  • Cases correctly classified in final block: 72% in final block.

  • *Adjusted for all other variables in the model.

  • AOR, adjusted OR; Ref, reference category.

  • DV, higher-risk drinking on the Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test–Consumption (AUDIT-C) (>5), 1=higher risk (n=699) and 0=lower risk (n=893).