Table 2

Classification of alcohol marketing awareness (low, medium and high) by demographic and confounding variables

VariableValid n
Low awareness (%)†Medium awareness (%)‡High awareness (%)§χ2 P value
 White British108234.532.333.3
 Other ethnicity31735.029.335.6
IMD Quintile10.56n.s.
 1 (most deprived)24734.426.339.3
 5 (least deprived)31734.135.330.6
Country lived in6.89n.s.
 Northern Ireland3429.417.652.9
Legal purchase age14.10<0.01
Current drinker114.04<0.001
Higher risk drinker85.84<0.001
 Not in education7917.731.650.6
 In education133035.631.732.8
Working status7.93<0.05
 Not in work128235.631.632.8
 In work12724.432.343.3
Parents accept use63.06<0.001
Peer accept use
  • Due to a large number of categories, analysis of how awareness of alcohol marketing varied by mother (female carer), father (male carer) and close friend frequency consumption only reported in text.

  • χ2 = Bivariate Pearson χ 2.

  • *Valid sample excludes those who had reported ‘not sure’ to any marketing channels; sample is weighted.

  • †Low awareness equals <16 instances per month (ie, once every other day).

  • ‡Medium awareness equals 17–53 instances per month (ie, almost once a day or more).

  • §High awareness equals >54 instances per month (ie, almost twice a day or more).