Table 6

Logistic regression of association between alcohol marketing and never drinkers’ susceptibility to drink

Susceptibility to drink among never drinkers
nAOR*95% CI
95% CI
P value
  White British12031.511.122.03<0.01
IMD quintilen.s.
 1 (most deprived)399Ref
  2 vs 12781.130.801.60n.s.
  3 vs 1,23551.020.761.36n.s.
 4 vs 1,2,32330.880.641.22n.s.
  5 (most affluent) vs 1,2,3,43150.840.631.11n.s.
  Northern Ireland810.960.581.59n.s.
Educational status
 Not in education25Ref
  In education15550.670.202.25n.s.
Working status
 Not working1550Ref
  Working (full-time or part-time)302.590.838.11n.s.
Living statusn.s.
 Living with parents/adult family1545Ref
 Living independently280.510.201.28n.s.
  Not stated71.570.279.11n.s.
Frequency of mother drinking<0.001
 Less than monthly versus never3822.381.583.59<0.001
 Monthly or fortnightly versus less often2421.661.152.39<0.01
 At least weekly versus less often5601.471.111.94<0.01
  Not stated versus all other categories751.250.702.25n.s.
Frequency of father drinking<0.05
 Less than monthly versus never2171.881.173.01<0.01
 Monthly or fortnightly versus less often2321.110.751.64n.s.
 At least weekly versus less often6861.391.051.84<0.05
  Not stated versus all other categories1721.060.711.58n.s.
Frequency of close friends drinking<0.001
 Less than monthly versus never1623.462.265.27<0.001
 Monthly or fortnightly versus less often803.321.666.65<0.001
 At least weekly versus less often830.700.391.26n.s.
  Not stated versus all other categories3330.610.430.86<0.01
Parents’ views
 Neutral or unacceptable1364Ref
  Drinking acceptable2161.000.701.44n.s.
Peer views
 Neutral or unacceptable894Ref
  Drinking acceptable6862.291.772.96<0.001
Alcohol marketing awarenessn.s.
 Low awareness279Ref
 Medium versus low1481.440.922.28n.s.
 High versus medium and low1171.160.711.90n.s.
 Not stated versus all other categories10361.210.941.56n.s.
Own alcohol branded merchandise
 No or not sure1476Ref
  • Based on never drinkers (n=1580) data are unweighted.

  • Test of model coefficients in final block: χ² (32)=337.46, p<0.001.

  • Hosmer-Lemeshow test for final block χ² (8)=5.86, p=0.663

  • Nagelkerke’s R² for final block=0.26.

  • Cases correctly classified in final block: 69%

  • *Adjusted for all other variables in the model, 

  • AOR, adjusted OR; Ref, reference category.

  • Dedpendent variable, susceptibility: 1=susceptible (n=830)=0; not susceptible (n=750).