Table 4

Association between alcohol marketing awareness and AUDIT-C scoring in current drinkers

Variables and reference categoriesUnstandardised coefficientsStandard coefficientstP value
b95% CI lower95% CI upperSEβ
   Male (vs female)0.310.090.540.110.062.76<0.01
   White British (vs other) 0.08−0.240.400.160.010.52n.s.
IMD quintile
   (1: most deprived to 5: most affluent)<0.01
   Scotland (vs England)−0.05−0.400.310.18−0.01−0.26n.s.
   Wales and Northern Ireland (vs England)−0.37−0.760.010.20−0.04−1.90n.s.
Educational status
   In education (vs not)0.660.<0.01
Working status
   Working (vs not)0.31−0.060.670.190.041.66n.s.
Living status
  Living independently (vs with parents/adult family)0.870.541.<0.001
   Not stated (vs with parents/adult family)0.42−0.661.490.550.020.76n.s.
Frequency of mother drinking
  Never (vs at least monthly)0.04−0.410.490.230.000.17n.s.
  Less than monthly (vs at least monthly)−0.31−0.630.000.16−0.04−1.94n.s.
   Not stated (vs at least monthly)0.42−
Frequency of father drinking
  Never (vs at least monthly)0.21−0.330.750.270.020.77n.s.
  Less than monthly (vs at least monthly)0.32−0.080.720.200.031.57n.s.
   Not stated (vs at least monthly)0.33−0.040.710.190.041.76n.s.
Frequency of close friends drinking
  At least weekly (vs less often or never)1.441.191.690.130.2611.32<0.001
   Not stated (vs less than weekly or never)−0.49−0.85−0.120.19−0.06−2.61<0.01
Parents’ views
   Drinking acceptable (vs neutral/unacceptable)<0.05
Peer views
   Drinking acceptable (vs neutral/unacceptable)0.08−0.320.480.210.010.38n.s.
Age of first drink
  Age 13 years or under (vs 14–15 years)0.22−0.070.510.150.041.50n.s.
  Age 16 years or over (vs 14–15 years)−1.33−1.63−1.040.15−0.21−8.82<0.001
  Not stated (vs 14–15 years)−0.48−0.89−0.070.21−0.05−2.28<0.05
Alcohol marketing awareness
  Medium (vs low awareness)0.790.371.<0.001
  High (vs low awareness)0.850.441.<0.001
  Not stated (vs low awareness)0.400.040.760.180.072.20<0.05
Own alcohol branded merchandise
  Yes (vs no/not sure)0.790.551.<0.001
  • Based on current drinkers: n=1592; data are unweighted.

  • Model shown is final block. Total variance explained (adjusted R 2=0.36). Durbin Watson=2.01.

  • Final step model change: F (4, 1,564)=17.44, p<0.001.

  • Overall Final model analysis of variance: F (27, 1,564)=34.33, p<0.001.

  • DV, Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test–Consumption (AUDIT-C) scoring (0–12).