Table 1

Characteristics of the study design and study population

First author, yearCountryTypePatients, nMean age, yearFemale, %Prevalence of CAD/ACS, %Follow-up period
Coronary artery disease
 Gencer rule
 Gencer et al,7 2010SwitzerlandDerivation66155.452.512.91 year
GermanyExternal validation774N/A58.014.76 months
 Marburg Heart Score
 Bösner et al,15 2010GermanyDerivation12495943.914.46 months
SwitzerlandExternal validation6725547.612.61 year
 Haasenritter et al,16 2012GermanyExternal validation84459.551.510.96 months
 Haasenritter et al,17 2015GermanyExternal validation57860.251.712.16 months
 Aerts et al,14 2017USA, Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland, GermanyDerivation3099N/AN/A12.5N/A
SwitzerlandValidation in study 164455.452.313.21 year
GermanyValidation in study 2123859.456.214.56 months
Acute coronary syndrome
 Grijseels rule
 Grijseels et al,13 1995The NetherlandsDerivation906674646.230 days
 Grijseels et al,12 1996The NetherlandsValidation97765.64747.830 days
 Bruins Slot rule
 Bruins Slot et al,11 2011The NetherlandsDerivation29866522230 days
 Aerts et al,14 2017USA, Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland, GermanySensitivity analysis169N/AN/AN/AN/A
  • *Derivation used pooled individual patient data from five studies. The INTERCHEST was applied to two of these five studies to measure its diagnostic performance. We referred to this as ‘validation in study 1 and 2’.

  • ACS, acute coronary syndrome; CAD, coronary artery disease; N/A, not applicable.