Table 2

Details of follow-up

TimingCall 1Call 2Call 3Call 4Call 5Call 6
Week 0Quit date (QD)One month after QDThree months after QDSix months after QD12 months after QD
DescriptionScreening (S), Baseline (B),
Randomisation (R)
General data
 Eligibility criteriaX
 Age and genderX
 Current medicationXXXXXX
 General healthXXXXXX
Smoking information
 Level of nicotine dependenceX
 Type of tobacco smokedX
 Pouch size and how long lasts*X
 Cigarettes smoked per dayXXXXXX
 Age startedX
 Years smokedX
 Household smokingX
 Around others that use e-cigarettesXX
 Previous quit attempts & methodX
 Belief in ability to quitXXX
 Any smoking in last 7 daysXXXXX
 Any smoking since QDXXXX
 Biochemical verification in those who self-report quittingXX
 Withdrawal/urge to smokeXXXXXX
Follow-up details
 Quit dateXX
 Contact detailsXXXXXX
 Treatment allocation and detailsX
Use of non-NRT cessation methods
 Type of cessation method usedXXXX
Intervention period
 Medication complianceXXX
Other outcomes
 Additional e-cigarette support†XXXXX
 Dual useXXXXX
 Continuation of allocated treatmentXX
 Side effects/serious adverse eventsXXXXX
  • *In people who smoke roll-your-own tobacco.

  • †In those allocated e-cigarettes.