Table 1

Characteristics of patients visiting the Early Arthritis Recognition Clinic

Validation (n=644)P values*
Male, n (%)190 (30)198 (31)0.62
Age in years, mean±SD52±1651±170.27
Symptom duration in weeks, median (IQR)10 (3–45)12 (4–45)0.18
Acute onset of symptoms†, n (%)252 (39)238 (37)0.45
Symptoms worst in the early morning, n (%)372 (58)351 (55)0.10
Morning stiffness in minutes, median (IQR)10 (0–30)10 (0–30)0.33
Number of painful joints, median (IQR)7 (2–15)6 (3–15)0.69
Number of patient-reported swollen joints, median (IQR)2 (1–5)2 (1–5)0.19
Difficulty with making a fist, n (%)329 (51)301 (47)0.06
Arthritis present at joint examination by experienced rheumatologist, n (%)271 (42)252 (39)0.28
  • *Unpaired t-tests, χ2 tests and Mann-Whitney U tests were used as appropriate.

  • †Patients were asked to define onset of symptoms; either acute onset of symptoms or gradual onset of symptoms, see online supplementary appendix S1