Table 2

Variables available in CIN, between 2008/09  and 2017/2018

Available information2008/20092009/20102010/20112011/20122012/20132013/20142014/20152015/20162016/2017*2017/2018*
Unique identifiersPupil matching reference/unique pupil number
LA child ID
Children’s characteristicsAge/date of birth/expected date of birth
Date of death‡
Seeking asylum
Adopted from care
Income deprivation
Case informationReferral date
Primary need status
Case closure date§
Reason for closure¶
No further action after assessment
Date of initial child protection conference
Whether on child protection plan
Referral source
Child protection plan informationChild protection plan start date
Child protection plan end date
Category of abuse
No of previous child protection plans
Service provisionService type
Service provider
Service provision start date
Service provision end date
  • *Data not released at the time of writing. Data availability is based on children in need census data collection specifications and existing data.

  • †There are some changes to LA IDs following changes to LA structure in 2008/2009 and 2009/2010.

  • ‡Date of death is collected for children where services continue to be provided after a child has died.

  • §Case closure dates are not always available even when cases are closed. Instead case closure is indicated by ‘reason for closure’ or ‘no further action’.

  • ¶‘No further action after core assessment’ was added as a reason for closure in 2009/2010.

  • LA, Local Authority.