Table 4

Factors influencing intention to leave or remain working in general practice (GP)

Factors influencing decision to leave GP
(1=not important to 5=very important)
Factors that might retain GPs in practice
(1=not important to 5=very important)
Intensity of workload1134.41.0Reduced intensity of workload1094.11.4
Volume of workload1144.31.0Longer appointment times/more time to spend with patients1094.01.4
Too much time spent on unimportant tasks1134.01.2Reduced volume of workload1103.91.4
Lack of time for patient contact1133.81.2Less administration1083.91.4
Potential introduction of 7 days a week working1133.81.4No out of hours commitments1093.61.6
Reduced job satisfaction1103.61.3Incentive payment1083.51.5
Poor flexibility of hours1082.81.4Protected time for education and training1073.31.4
Revalidation1122.61.5More flexible working conditions1063.21.5
Greater clinical autonomy1073.01.5
Age1133.51.3Increased pay1072.91.4
Medical indemnity payments1133.41.4Improved skill mix in the practice1062.81.4
Increased risk of litigation1113.01.5Additional annual leave1072.81.5
Changes to pension taxation1122.71.5Shorter practice opening times1082.71.5
Family commitments1112.61.2Opportunity for a sabbatical1072.61.5
Ill health1091.81.2Introduction of ‘Twenty Plus’1062.31.3
Embarking on career outside general practice1091.60.98Expansion of GP retainer scheme1052.11.4
Planned career break1071.40.89Extended interests; for example, Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) role1062.01.3
Reintroduction of the flexible careers scheme1052.01.2
Option to work term time only1051.61.1