Table 1

The number of LAs, estimated children and episodes in CIN

Census year2008/2009*2009/20102010/20112011/20122012/20132013/20142014/20152015/20162008–2016
Pupil matching references (PMRs) (cleaned)‡387 413584 456501 136599 425588 602618 498599 898571 4291 761 225
LA child ID (derived)§401 872595 976509 088588 943818 472896 471892 747885 0232 761 155
Episodes¶419 661714 207588 943939 095941 5811 021 4321 018 4741 000 5724 668 623
  • Based on authors’ copy of CIN holding complete episode information between 2008 and 2016. Received from the Department for Education, November 2017.

  • *Data collection in 2008 began in October rather than April 2008. While retrospective cases were also submitted by many LAs, often going back to or before 1 March 2008, the number of episodes is significantly fewer for this reason.

  • †In 2009/2010, Bedfordshire Children’s Services (LA ID 820) split into Bedford (LA ID 820) and Central Bedfordshire (LA ID 822), and Cheshire Children’s Services (LA ID 875) split into Cheshire East (LA ID 895) and Cheshire West and Chester (LA ID 896).

  • ‡For children with PMRs in the dataset, PMRs are occasionally missing in some records (particularly during ages when they are older or younger than school age). Different PMRs are occasionally allocated for one child. The displayed figures are for the cleaned PMR variable, after addressing these issues where possible. Further information on the cleaning method is outlined in the online supplementary information.

  • §LA child IDs do not uniquely identify children, as multiple LAs may use the same ID. Children also acquire new LA child IDs when they move LAs and when they are adopted—meaning we are unable to attribute all records to the same child over time. The displayed figures are for the derived LA child ID variable, combining the original LA child ID and the LA code.

  • ¶The displayed figures include some duplicate cases due to reporting errors, for example, when new cases are opened when children have an existing open case.

  • CIN, children in need; LA, local authority.