Table 7

Correlation between age and positivity towards scheme

InitiativerP value
Federation of GP practices−0.151<0.001*
Local sustainability and transformation plans−0.0600.151
Increased use of pharmacists−0.0880.024*
Physicians associates0.1360.001*
Paramedics in primary care−0.0890.029*
Better care fund0.0070.884
Expansion of GP workforce−0.0120.782
Video and e-consultations0.0710.087
Releasing time for patients−0.1080.032*
Practice resilience programme−0.0700.129
Streamlining CQC, reduced inspection for good and outstanding practices0.0000.992
Investment in practice nursing−0.0060.899
Closer working with specialists; for example, phone and email advice lines−0.0720.084
Investment in technology−0.0790.082
Investment in primary care infrastructure−0.0240.599
Multispecialty community provider projects−0.0950.040*
  • *P<0.05, r: Spearman’s rank correlation coefficient.

  • r>0 denotes positivity increasing with age; r<0 denotes positivity decreasing with increasing age.

  • GP, general practice; CQC, Care Quality Commission.