Table 1

Summary of data collection at each follow-up visit

Socio-demographic characteristicsxxxx
Socio-economic characteristicsxxxx
History of substance usex
Current drug usexxxx
Alcohol and tobacco usexxxx
Overdoses and suicidal riskxxx
Drug use-related HIV-HCV risk practicesxxxx
Addiction treatmentxxxx
Health conditions and access to carexxx
Screening for HIV and HCVxxx
Prison experiencexxx
Negative life eventsxx
Initiation injectionxxx
HR services user satisfactionxxx
Sexual healthx
Other practices at risk of dermal contaminationx
DCR attendance and other servicesxxxx
Life coursex
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorderx
Anxiety: Beck anxiety inventoryx
Post-traumatic stress disorderx
Mnemonic Testxx
  • DCR, drug consumption rooms; HCV, hepatitis C virus; HR, harm reduction.