Table 3

Summary of responses to follow-up emails requesting confirmation of trial registration

Phase IDevicesOtherTotal
Number contacted by email967118194
No response (percentage)4 (44%)26 (39%)43 (36%)73 (38%)
Response 5 (56%) 41 (61%) 75 (64%) 121 (62%)
 Will register082634
 Study did not proceed*26715
 Registered (awaiting reference number)05611
 Applicant claimed not a clinical trial02810
 Now registered (following email)03710
 Already registered (not found in initial search)25310
 Registered on other database or website†14611
 Study not started0459
 Registered on the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) portfolio0257
 On annual leave – will deal with on return (but no subsequent response)0123
 Stated in question A50 would not register0101
  • *Includes trials that were terminated or suspended.

  • †Two responses referred to the Health Research Authority research summary webpage as being classed as registered (one of these was a phase I study). Three responses provided links to a webpage, which included the study title only.