Table 4

Answers to questions concerning the PIL

QuestionsYes, n (%)Does not remember, n (%)
Did you receive a PIL?159/168 (94.6)1 (0.6)
 Did the doctor give it to you?127/159 (79.9)0
 Did the nurse give it to you?28/159 (18.2)0
 I don’t know who gave me the PIL3/159 (1.9)0
Was the PIL signed?55/159 (34.6)62 (39)
Did you read the PIL?137/159 (86.2)0
 Read the whole leaflet?127/137 (92.7)0
 Read only part of the leaflet10/137 (7.3)0
 Did you read it immediately after the consultation?112/137 (81.75)0
 If not, did you read it one or more days after the consultation?25/137 (18.25)0
 Did you read it again?50/137 (36.5)0
Did you receive an oral explanation when you were given the PIL?84/159 (52.8)2 (1.3)
Did you keep the PIL?149/159 (93.7)1 (0.6)
Did other people in your household use the PIL?56/159 (35.2)2 (1.3)
Did you find the PIL easy to understand?133/137 (97.1)1 (0.7)
Did you find the PIL useful?110/137 (80.3)1 (0.7)
  • PIL, patient information leaflet.