Table 3

Characteristics of eligible studies

Author (year)Disease/conditionsParticipants in baselineInterventionInstrument/scaleAnchorFollow-up period
Simovitch et al 46 2018Cuff tear arthropathy, a combination of osteoarthritis and rotator cuff insufficiency1865Total shoulder arthroplastyConstant score;
Pain VAS;
Global rating question40.2–49.7 months
Negahban et al 44 2015Shoulder disorders including impingement syndrome/tendonitis, frozen shoulder, shoulder instability200PhysiotherapyDASH (Persian version)Global rating of shoulder function1 month
Holmgren et al 39 2014Subacromial impingement syndrome93PhysiotherapyConstant (Murley) shoulder assessment scorePatient’s global impression of change3 months
Rysstad et al 45 2017Subacromial pain syndrome50PhysiotherapyDASH (Norwegian version)Patient’s perceived recovery3–4 months
van de Water et al 49 2014Isolated proximal humeral fracture20Active rehabilitationConstant score;
Patient perception of change1.5 months
Christiansen et al 35 20158–12 weeks after arthroscopic decompression surgery for subacromial impingement syndrome112PhysiotherapyOSS;
Modified Constant score;
Patient Global Impression of Change3 months
Kukkonen et al 40 2013Rotator cuff tears (both partial and full thickness)781ArthroscopyConstant score;The two-stage question of the patient satisfaction3 months
Michener et al 42 2011Shoulder pain with or without surgery136RehabilitationPNRSPen shoulder score3–4 weeks
Christie et al 36 2011Rheumatic disease (inflammatory or degenerative disease) undergoing elective shoulder surgery100Arthroplasty or other surgery (not specified)DASH;
Pain VAS at activity;
Pain VAS at rest;
Constant score
Shoulder symptoms question ‘At 1-year follow-up, the patients were also asked to rate their shoulder symptoms at present compared with baseline’12 months
Ekeberg et al 38 2010Rotator cuff disease121Local ultrasound-guided injections of triamcinolone and XylocaineOSSMain complaint score (−9 (worst) to 9 (best))2 to 6 weeks
Mintken et al 43 2009Shoulder pain101Physical therapyPNRS;
Global rating of change2–4 weeks
Tubach et al 48 2006Acute rotator cuff syndrome252NSAID therapy or placeboPNRS;
Neer score;
Response to NSAID treatment question7 days
Mahabier et al 41 2017Humeral shaft fracture140Operative and non-operative treatment of humeral shaft fractureDASH;
Constant (Murley) score;
Transition item: perception of change in the general condition of the affected upper limb1.5–12 months
Tashjian et al 47 2017Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, rotator cuff arthropathy, advanced rotator cuff disease326Total shoulder arthroplasty (primary anatomic or reverse)SST
Pain VAS
Improvement after treatment3.5 years
Dritsaki et al 37 2017Rheumatoid arthritis with pain and dysfunction of the hands and/or wrists488Tailored exercise programmeEQ-5D-3L;
Participant self-rated improvement in their hands and wrist4–8 months
Tashjian et al 24 2009Rotator cuff tendonitis, rotator cuff tear (partial or full thickness)81Non-surgical managementPain VASFour-item anchor instrument: response to treatment3.6 months
Schmitt and Di Fabio52 2004Musculoskeletal proximal upper extremity problem211Occupational or physical therapyDASHGlobal disability rating3 months
van Kampen et al 54 2013Shoulder problems128Operative or non-operative treatmentDASH;
Global rating scale for function6 months
Lundquist et al 50 2014Shoulder conditions (rotator cuff/impingement, adhesive capsulitis, humeroscapular instability, humeroscapular arthrosis, humeral fracture, other or unspecified should disorder)81NRDASH (Danish version)Global impression of change2.3 months
Tashjian et al 53 2010Rotator cuff tendonitis, rotator cuff tear (partial or full thickness)81Nonsurgical managementSST15-item function question;
4-item improvement question
3.6 months
Marks et al 51 2014Trapeziometacarpal joint osteoarthritis177Conservative treatment or surgery (resection/
suspension/interposition arthroplasty or arthrodesis)
Patient-perceived change in thumb condition12 months
Castricini et al 55 2014Irreparable rotator cuff tears27Shoulder arthroplasty surgery and rehabilitationConstant and Murley scoreThe three-stage question of the patient satisfaction.27 months
  • DASH, Disabilities of the Arm, Shoulder and Hand; EQ-5D-3L, Euro-Quality of life 5-dimensions 3-level index; NR, Not reported; NSAID, Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug; OSS, Oxford shoulder score; PNRS, Pain Numerical Rating Scale; SF-12, Short Form Health Survey 12; SST, Simple shoulder test; VAS, Visual analogue scale.