Table 1

Overview of case, control and matching criteria for the study sample

Case criteriaStudy criteria
Cases~14 000
VerificationHistological or cytological verified melanoma (ICD-10: C43)
DefinitionNorwegian inhabitants with a diagnosis of invasive melanoma without a history of cancer
Age at diagnosis18–85 years
Year of diagnosis2007–2015
SexMale and female
Control criteria
Controls~1 40 000 (1:10 matching)
DefinitionAlive, resident in Norway with no history of cancer before respective case diagnosis
SelectionRandom sampling within matching criteria (with replacement) from a pool of available population
Matching criteria
SexSame sex as case
Age at diagnosisSame year of birth as case
Index dateAlive and free of cancer at the date of diagnosis (case)
  • ICD-10, International Classification of Disease version 10.