Table 3

Summary of out-of-pocket payment (in KES) for injectable and implant users among users with non-zero expenditure, by most recent provider of the contraceptive method

Government hospitalGovernment health centreGovernment dispensaryTotal publicPrivate facilityNGO/faith-based facilityPharmacy/
 Mean costKES 72KES 66KES 63KES 66KES 94KES 75KES 95KES 93KES 80
 25th percentileKES 50KES 50KES 50KES 50KES 80KES 50KES 80KES 100KES 50
 50th percentile (median)KES 50KES 50KES 50KES 50KES 100KES 70KES 100KES 100KES 100
 75th percentileKES 100KES 100KES 100KES 100KES 100KES 87KES 100KES 100KES 100
 Reporting registration fees only7.5%5.3%0.8%3.6%1.7%
 Mean costKES 305KES 255KES 208KES 261KES 655KES 564KES 544KES 378
 25th percentileKES 200KES 100KES 100KES 100KES 300KES 200KES 100KES 200
 50th percentile (median)KES 200KES 200KES 200KES 200KES 503KES 800KES 100KES 200
 75th percentileKES 300KES 300KES 200KES 300KES 1000KES 800KES 1000KES 500
 Reporting registration fees only1.7%5.0%0.0%2.1%1.5%
  • *Includes Demographic and Health Survey response options: mobile clinic and other private medical.

  • 1 KES=US$0.0114.

  • KES, Kenyan shillings; NGO, non-governmental organisation.