Table 1

Patient’s vulnerability grid: five dimensions of vulnerability.12

Somatic determinantsMental health stateBehavioural determinantsSocial determinantsHealthcare use
  1. Severe acute or chronic disease

  2. Somatic polimorbidity

  3. Complex drug treatment

  4. Inadequate treatment or follow-up adhesion

  5. Pregnancy and neonatal period

  6. Restricted mobility/physical disabilities

  1. Psychiatric polimorbidity

  2. Mood disorder

  3. Anxiety disorder

  4. Psychotic disorder

  5. Personality disorder

  6. Somatoform disorder

  7. Post-traumatic stress disorder

  8. Dementia

  9. Psychological development disorder

  1. Substance abuse active addiction

  2. Risky behaviour

  3. Issues related to contraception or abortion

  4. Physical or psychological violence

  5. Risk or threatening situation for a child

  1. Complex or difficult family situation

  2. Social isolation or exclusion

  3. Complex or difficult financial situation

  4. No or inadequate housing

  5. No or insufficient insurance

  6. Difficulties or absence from work/school/ social activities

  7. Precarious legal residence status

  8. Difficulties of communication/language barrier

  1. Frequent user. Multiple caregivers

  2. No outpatient primary care physician

  3. Difficulties in the relation with caregivers