Table 1

Topic guide for qualitative interviews

Introductions and background
 IntroductionsWho we are and aim of study.
Check length of interview (30–60 min) ok.
Experiences of weight management
 Weight historyBrief overview of weight across the life course.
Always struggled with weight?
 Recent attempts at weight lossMethods.
 Any changes with ageMethods.
How easy it is.
Success/achieving goals.
Reasons (or perceived reasons) for any changes.
Motivation to lose weight
 Reasons for losing weightAppearance reasons.
Health reasons.
Doctor’s advice.
Family and friends.
 Any changes with ageAmount of motivation.
Reasons for losing weight.
In what way?
 Personal importance of weightImpact on life/health/well-being.
Has it changed with age?
Barriers to losing weight
 Current barriersLack of willpower.
Lack of support.
Financial issues.
Health problems.
Social life.
 Any changes in barriers with age
Appropriateness of weight management for older people
 Own viewsSomething you can/should be doing?
 Perception of other people’s viewsSomething you can/should be doing?
Is it something family/friends encourage?
Guidance from health professionals