Table 2

Glucose screening results and antidiabetic treatment. Data are expressed as mean±SD or actual number of subjects and percentages

E-GDM (273)U-GDM (528)P value
FBG only36 (14.8%)84 (15.9%)
OGTT207 (85.2%)444 (84.1%)
Gestational age at time of OGTT (weeks)17.7±5.528.3±3.6<0.001
FBG (mmol/L)5.3±0.74.0±0.7<0.001
1 hour BG (mmol/L)10.6±1.710.3±1.60.0198
2 hours (mmol/L)9.1±5.58.6±1.70.0909
Diet only75 (27.5%)283 (53.6%)<0.001
Metformin only107/198 (54.4%)156/245 (63.7%)0.040
Metformin plus insulin76/198 (38.4%)63/245 (25.7%)0.004
Insulin only15/198 (7.6%)26/245 (10.6%)0.228
  • E-GDM, early gestational diabetes mellitus; FBG, fasting blood glucose; OGTT, oral glucose tolerance test; U-GDM, usual gestational diabetes mellitus.