Table 5

Analysis of covariance of the level of confidence in the reviews by intervention group adjusting for age, sex, job type and years since qualification for subgroups who were currently treating patients with gout or dyspepsia

Mean (95% CI)P value
Honoraria and travelResearch fundingAdvisory board and consultanciesNone
Gout review
Level of confidence in conclusions drawn7.3 (6.8 to 7.5)7.7 (7.1 to 8.2)7.0 (6.4 to 7.5)7.6 (7.1 to 8.1)0.18
Dyspepsia review
Level of confidence in conclusions drawn6.3 (5.7 to 6.8)6.8 (6.2 to 7.3)6.4 (5.9 to 6.9)6.4 (5.9 to 6.9)0.64