Table 3

Number of occupational accidents reported to either ISA, AFA or both (overlap)*, together with presence in the NPR (inpatient and outpatient), for the year 2013 in Sweden

All reported injuriesTotal NPRInpatientOutpatient
ISA only49 35647.6534310.83680.7497510.1
AFA only17 09516.5445826.13712.2408723.9
ISA and AFA37 13835.910 13127.311193.0901224.3
Total103 589100.019 93219.218581.818 07417.4
  • *Linkage of datasets conducted on id-number (de-identified) and injury date in a  ±7 days range.

  • ISA, information system on occupational injuries; NPR, National Patient Register.