Table 2

Additional sources of data used in this project

Data sourcePopulation coveredAvailable variablesTimeliness
Longitudinal Integration Database for Health Insurance and Labour Market Studies (LISA)* It holds annual registers since 1990 and includes all individuals 16 years of age and older who were registered in Sweden as of 31 December for each year.The database integrates multiple databases from the labour market, educational and social sectors. It contains not only individual data, but also connections to family, companies and places of employment.Temporal resolution: Variables are on yearly basis for both individuals and businesses, this applies to, for example, income, revenue.
Multiple employers are registered (total no and details on the three major employers).
Data access: Data are compiled with an 18-month lag.
National Patient Register (NPR) All visits to inpatient or specialised outpatient care (ie, excluding primary care).Our dataset includes every person who was diagnosed with external cause of injury (ICD-10 chapters S and T). Duration of hospitalisation will be used to characterise severity.All hospitals and specialised outpatient clinics in Sweden report to a central register, coverage is >95%.
Data include exact date of visits admission and discharge.
Cause of death register (DR) It includes all those who died during one calendar year and were registered in Sweden at the time of death, regardless of whether the death occurred inside or outside the country. It shows the underlying cause of death coded according to the international version of the disease classification ICD-10. For injuries, the external cause of injury is shown.Reported by physician no later than 3 weeks after death.
  • *LISA is held by Statistics Sweden. 

  • †NPR and DR are held by the National Board of Health and Welfare.

  • ‡The statistics do not include stillborns, persons who died on a temporary visit to Sweden or asylum seekers who have not yet obtained residence permits. Swedes who have emigrated and are no longer registered in Sweden are not included either.

  • ICD-10, International Classification of Disease, 10th Revision.