Table 1

Patient and primary care provider demographics

Participant characteristicsMedian or percentage
Patients (n=20)
 Age67 years (range: 46–86 years)
 Ethnicity (self-reported)
  Caucasian, non-Hispanic100
 Diagnosis of type 2 diabetes100
 Had teleophthalmology screening50
 Duration of diabetes
  <5 years40
  5–19 years30
  20+ years30
 Highest level of education
  College graduate10
  Some college/tech school30
  High school graduate or General Education Diploma (GED)35
  Some high school15
  Grade 8 or less10
 Health literacy
 (single-item literacy screener)
Primary care providers (n=9)
 Training background
  Physician Assistant-Certified (PA-C)33.3
  Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)11.1
  Registered Nurse (RN)11.1
 Years in practice
  >10 years77.8
  5–10 years0
  0–5 years22.2
 Have referred patients for teleophthalmology87.5