Table 6

This table displays differences in predicted probabilities to have been issued a complaint or requirement in the last 3 years across sector

95% CIs
If a complaint has been issued within last 3 years (n=7358)
 Public versus for-profit sector0.171***0.197 to 0.144
 Third versus for-profit sector0.140***0.167 to 0.112
 Third versus public sector−0.031***−0.012 to −0.050
If a requirement has been issued after inspection within last 3 years (n=6320)
 Public versus for-profit sector0.105***0.138 to 0.072
 Third versus for-profit sector0.056***0.138 to 0.072
 Third versus public sector−0.049***−0.019 to −0.079
  • ***p<0.001.