Table 3

Echocardiographic parameters

Structure and function assessmentNo of variablesPrincipal variables
Aorta and atria and ventricles39Ascending aorta (mm), left ventricular diastolic dimension (mm), LV systolic dimension (mm), left ventricular mass index (g/m2), left atrial volume index by biplanar Simpson method (mL/m2), right ventricular diastolic dimension (mm), right atrial volume index (mL/m2), biplanar Simpson left ventricular ejection fraction (%), mitral E-wave (cm/s), mitral A-wave (cm/s), mitral E/A, mitral deceleration time (cm/s), pulmonary artery systolic pressure (mm Hg), mitral E/e’septal annulus, mitral E/e’lateral annulus, mitral E/e’average of annulus
Valves41Aortic valve jet peak velocity (m/s), aortic mean gradient (mm Hg), aortic cups number, aortic valve calcification, aortic regurgitation presence and grade, mitral valve calcification, mitral mean gradient (mm Hg), mitral pressure half time (ms), mitral prolapse, mitral regurgitation presence and grade, tricuspid regurgitation presence and grade, pulmonary regurgitation presence and grade
Pericardium3Pericardial effusion presence and grade