Table 3

Quotes illustrating main themes in free text response question

Primary themes
 Concerns about privacy of medical records in general
  • ‘Privacy is a big issue’

  • ‘Only concern is confidentiality’

  • ‘Use of spyware or ‘hacking’ to obtain personal health information’

  • ‘Only regarding privacy & ensuring that my health card # and health info (records) are not accessible to others.’

 The loss of human connection/interaction and communication with clinicians
  • ‘Loss of personal dialogue’

  • ‘I prefer to discuss my problems in person’

  • ‘I might not be as comfortable discussing health problems online as in person.’

Secondary themes
 A lack of understanding of what eHealth is and how it is used
  • ‘Not sure what it is exactly and what personal information it would entail using’

 Inclusiveness and cost if patients need to purchase new technology to be included
  • ‘Cost to me. I would be forced to purchase & maintain high speed internet and devices to facilitate eHealth.’

 Concerns about accuracy based on eHealth system errors already experienced (eg, double bookings in online appointments)
  • ‘Double bookings, bookings not being noticed on either end.’

 Cost to tax payer/previously inefficient system
  • ‘How much will it cost the tax payers’

  • ‘Is this the same as the other (eHealth) mess the Ontario Government has tried to implement’