Table 5

Numbers of papers, including those with organ source identity statements by years and numbers of transplants

No date of transplants in papersAll transplants prior to 2010*Transplants before and after 2010 when volunteer pilot startedAll transplants took place during pilot 2010–2014Transplants occurred before and after 2014All transplants occurred post-2014
Total included papers611921483860
Total number of transplants295928 44249 37639377630
33 papers claiming no executed prisoners
(no. of transplants)
19 (2688)8 (1212)6 (1556)00
14 papers claiming volunteers
(no. of transplants)
1 (321)8 (2269)4 (387)1 (12)00
6 papers claiming donors gave consent (no. of transplants)1 (40)3 (200)2 (1197)000
10 papers with statement about donors implying voluntariness or consent (no. of transplants)2 (11)04 (619)4 (153)00
  • *In one paper,37 the dates of the transplants were not recorded, but the paper, published in 2010, reported on research subjects whose grafts had been stable for at least 2 years, indicating transplant prior to 2010.