Table 2

Delivery and response of fortnightly telephone calls and text messages in ENTICE-CKD

Intervention groupControl group
Phase 1Phase 2Phase 2
Telephone calls
 Call attempts290
 Missed calls, n (%)9 (3)
 Duration of initial calls, min (mean±SD)45±10
 Duration of follow-up calls, min (mean±SD)24±10
 Call scheduling text messages outgoing245570
Text messages—outgoing
 Total intervention texts sent, per fortnight137119801634
 Educational*, median (range)2 (0–6)4 (0–8)6 (0–13)
 Goal check†, median (range)2 (0–4)3 (0–5)
 Self-monitoring‡, median (range)0 (0–2)2 (0–5)
Text messages—incoming
 Total text responses43760855
 Recognised goal check responses, n (%)174 (39.8)226 (37.2)0
 Unrecognised responses26338255
 Requiring tailored text reply from coach, n (%)7 (2.7)18 (4.7)2 (3.6)
  • *Outcome expectations (providing information on consequence).

  • †Self-regulation.

  • ‡Self-regulation (facilitate planned behaviour change).

  • ENTICE-CKD, Evaluation of iNdividualized Telehealth Intensive Coaching to promote healthy Eating and lifestyle in Chronic Kidney Disease.