Table 4

Lifestyle at baseline and risk for morbidity and mortality from CVD or cancer among men aged 33–42 years old participating in a health dialogue between 1985 and 1987, at follow-up after approximately 26 years

Diagnosis groupPersons at riskCasesOR95% CI
CVD (including deaths)
 High risk*102321.00
 Medium risk*286300.260.15 to 0.45
 Low risk*247270.270.15 to 0.48
CVD (excluding deaths)
 High risk81211.00
 Medium risk269250.290.15 to 0.56
 Low risk237230.310.16 to 0.59
Cancer (including deaths)
 High risk102211.00
 Medium risk286450.720.41 to 1.28
 Low risk247260.450.24 to 0.85
Cancer (excluding deaths)
 High risk8181.00
 Medium risk269341.320.59 to 2.98
 Low risk237220.930.40 to 2.19
  • *According to lifestyle index.

  • CVD, cardiovascular disease.