Table 3

Lifestyle habits at baseline and total mortality among men aged 33–42 years old participating in a health dialogue between 1985 and 1987, at follow-up after approximately 26 years (n=652)

Lifestyle habitPersons at risk (n)DeathsOR for deaths95% CI
 No457240.380.21 to 0.68
Dietary score*
 Healthy356160.370.20 to 0.68
Alcohol consumption
 High intake6561.00
 Low intake587430.780.32 to 1.90
Physical activity/fitness†
 Moderate to high352280.860.48 to 1.57
Lifestyle index‡
 High risk102211.00
 Moderate risk286170.240.12 to 0.48
 Low risk247100.160.07 to 0.36
  • *Missing data about diet for 5 persons.

  • †Missing data about physical activity/fitness for 12 persons.

  • ‡Missing data about lifestyle index for 17 persons.