Table 2

Association between social class at birth and multimorbidity (logistic regression) and educational attainment (ordinal regression), n=6561

Social class of the father at birth of the participantMultimorbidity *Educational attainment†
OR 95% CIOR95% CI
I/II (Professional/Managerial)0.620.38 to 0.994.123.50 to 4.85
III (Skilled non-manual)0.950.66 to 1.371.761.54 to 2.03
III (Skilled manual)1 (reference group)
IV (Partly skilled)1.180.85 to 1.640.560.49 to 0.65
V (Unskilled)1.431.06 to 1.930.450.40 to 0.52
Unemployed/unknown/disabled/dead1.851.19 to 2.880.840.66 to 1.05
  • *Model statistically significant, p=0.002.

  • †Model statistically significant, p<0.001.