Table 2

Care gaps (actual vs ideal care) experienced by patients in the eight dimensions of patient-centred care

DimensionActual careIdeal careCare gap (mean difference)P value*
Patient preferences (n=169)2.45±0.943.04±0.85–0.59±0.88<0.001
Information and education (n=175)2.9±0.923.60±0.64–0.70±0.99<0.001
Co-ordination of care (n=175)2.69±0.983.50±0.66–0.81±1.11<0.001
Emotional support (n=167)1.93±1.122.32±0.99–0.38±1.05<0.001
Physical comfort (n=167)2.49±0.973.13±0.83–0.64±1.05<0.001
Family and friends (n=169)2.07±1.222.50±1.06–0.44±0.94<0.001
Transition of care (n=175)2.57±1.073.21±0.76–0.63±1.11<0.001
Access to care (n=172)2.54±1.053.17±0.77–0.63±1.10<0.001
  • Data are expressed as mean±SD. 

  • *Difference between actual and ideal care, paired-sample t test.