Table 4

Multivariate relationships between background characteristics, actual care, the care gap (ideal care vs actual care) and satisfaction with care (n=155)

Independent variableSatisfaction with care
βB (SE)P value
Age (years)–0.07–0.01 (0.01)0.396
Gender (male)–0.07–0.13 (0.16)0.416
Marital status (married)–0.00–0.00 (0.16)0.989
Education (years)–0.07–0.02 (0.02)0.366
COPD* –0.13–0.27 (0.20)0.184
Cancer*–0.11–0.23 (0.22)0.291
Comorbidities (no. of additional diseases)–0.04–0.03 (0.07)0.644
Medication (no. of medicines taken)–0.14–0.09 (0.06)0.123
Actual care0.170.32 (0.15)0.036
Care gap (ideal care vs actual care)–0.41–0.57 (0.11)<0.001
  • *Reference category, heart failure. Results are based on listwise deletion of missing cases. Pairwise deletion and mean substitution of missing cases yielded similar results.

  • COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.