Table 3

PubMed Medline search strategy

#1‘Exercise Therapy’[Mesh] OR resistance training[tiab] OR resistance exercise*[tiab] OR weight bearing exercise program*[tiab] OR strength training[tiab] OR strengthening program*[tiab] OR exercise training[tiab] OR [exercise[tiab] AND training[tiab]] OR weight-lifting strengthening program*[tiab] OR weight-lifting exercise program*[tiab] OR weight bearing strengthening program*[tiab]
#2‘Pulmonary Disease, Chronic Obstructive’[Mesh] OR chronic obstructive pulmonary disease[tiab] OR COPD[tiab] OR COAD[tiab] OR chronic obstructive lung disease[tiab] OR chronic obstructive airway disease[tiab] OR chronic airflow obstruction*[tiab] OR chronic bronchitis[tiab] OR pulmonary emphysema*[tiab]
#3‘Clinical Trial’[Publication Type] OR ‘Randomized Controlled Trial’[Publication Type] OR ‘Random Allocation’[Mesh] OR ‘Cohort Studies’[Mesh] OR ‘Case-Control Studies’[Mesh] OR ‘Observational Study’[Publication Type] OR random*[tiab] OR trial[ti] OR RCT[tiab] OR RCTs[tiab] OR [clinical[tiab] AND trial[tiab]] OR observation*[tiab] OR cohort[tiab] OR prospective[tiab] OR retrospective[tiab] OR case-control[tiab]
#4#1 AND #2 AND #3
  • Mesh, Medical Subject Headings; tiab, title/abstract.