Table 3

Mediation analysis between exposure to trauma during premigration and postmigration period and symptoms (PTSD and depression)

Hypothesised relationshipMediating variablesStandardised
direct effect
indirect effect
Premigration living difficulties→PTSDDuration of stay in the camp, sense of coherence, postmigration living difficulties, task-oriented coping, depression.0.09*0.26**Partially mediated
Postmigration living difficulties→PTSDTask-oriented coping, sense of coherence and depression.−0.05 (n.s.)0.13**Partially mediated
Premigration living difficulties→depressionSense of coherence and postmigration living difficulties.0.35***0.19**Partially mediated
Postmigration living difficulties→depressionSense of coherence.0.23***−0.06**Partially mediated
  • *P<0.05; **P<0.01; ***P<0.001.

  • n.s.=not significant; PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder.