Table 2

Summary of the Underlying Beliefs

Behavioural beliefsThemesSubthemesSupporting quotes
AdvantagesMoney (n=12)‘The financial benefits are nice.’ (M)
Altruism (n=12)‘The contribution you can make to medicine in the future.’ (F)
The opportunity for self-development (n=11)Valuable learning experience (n=5)
Opportunity to expand social network (n=4)
Valuable life experience (n=2)
‘I’m really curious about how things work and drugs work and that sort of thing and you know if I have to use myself ‘a guinea pig’ well then okay.’ (F)
‘…all the other 7 people like they were all pretty cool and we all sort of got to know each other pretty well.’ (M)
‘I think it’s a good life experience. It’s a story it’s you know it’s a wedding story.’ (M)
Receive a full medical check-up (n=2)‘You actually get like they medically test you to make sure that you’re fit to do the trial. So it kind of comes with it that you get tested and you could find out that you have some other issue that’s underlying that wasn’t there but they find out about it. I guess that’s a benefit.’ (M)
DisadvantagesInconvenience (n=25)Time requirements (n=14)
Pretrial restrictions (n=9)
‘It was actually for five weeks it was from Wednesday to Saturday we were in here. And then we had to come back at seven on the Sunday morning again for bloods. So that was quite a long.’ (F)
‘Some of the restrictions they have before you come in. Like you can’t exercise before you go in and stuff like that.’ (F)
Possible side effects (n=5)‘I get scared that maybe when I’m older and I get some random like disease or something. I don’t know I feel like it would be hard to trace back to this.’ (M)
‘Maybe there is a slight risk that something could go wrong.’ (F)
Medical procedures (n=2)‘…lots of blood tests and stuff.’ (M)
Normative beliefs
ApproveFriends (n=14)
Spouse/partner (n=8)
Other family (n=7)
Mum (n=4)
Flatmate (n=4)
Father (n=3)
‘Yeh my friends are OK with it, most of them are uni students though so they see the $ sign.’ (F)
‘My partner is usually against it, but I can usually talk him around.’ (F)
‘My brother was supportive.’ (F)
‘Yeah and my mum was quite positive about it, she was like yeah go for it. You know like I heard good things about that.’ (M)
‘…oh the person I live with, flatmate really, she’s …she thinks it’s really cool and she’s got no issues.’ (M)
‘My dad would (approve) but everyone else, no.’ (M)
DisapproveMother (n=12)
Spouse/partner (n=7)
Other family (n=7)
No-one (n=5)
Friends (n=4)
Father (n=3)
‘Only my mother is the one that directly disapproves. Because she feels that I’m going to get sick one day.’ (M)
‘…my partner doesn’t like it but that’s his problem.’(F)
‘Family is not (for it), just because they don’t have enough information really.’ (M)
‘No I had nobody, nobody in family, friends anybody…nobody that I’ve spoken to has been anti it at all.’ (F)
‘…one of my friends was concerned about my reasons behind it.’ (F)
‘I think my dad would also be quite worried if he knew.’ (F)
Control beliefs
FacilitatorsSuitable time frame/flexible scheduling (n=9)
Feeling comfortable (n=8)
Low risk (n=3) 
If participant believes their contribution can make a difference (n=3)
Easy access to information about trial (n=2)
‘Yeah I think the timeframe for me is something. It’s got to fit in with what you’re doing…’ (M)
‘Definitely what would encourage me is a, just a longer timeframe between the start of the advertising and the start of the trial that would help definitely.’ (M)
‘I think once you’ve done a trial you sort of feel comfortable to do more.’(M)
‘You know reading the information that you’re given and I felt it was going to cause maybe a long term problem or issue then I might think twice about it.’ (M)
‘…it was kind of good in that, you know if you’re looking at it as in you’re making a difference or whatever.’ (M)
BarriersInflexible scheduling/time commitment (n=13)
Possible side effects (n=6)
Being inoculated (n=5)
Lots of restrictions (n=4)
Invasive method of drug delivery (eg, tube down throat) (n=2)
Lots of selection criteria (n=1)
If it is hard to find information on the internet (n=1)
Needing a car (n=1)
‘And it’s just a time thing with me, I think if it took too much time or if it was too much involvement I would probably yeah not be involved.’ (F)
‘(If) I felt it was going to cause maybe a long term problem or issue then I might think twice about it.’ (M)
‘If they injected you with some kind of disease it would probably put me off it’ (F)
‘So like if it’s got a lot of restrictions it’s definitely less attractive maybe I wouldn’t do it.’ (F)
‘If it means really invasive but I can’t see how a trial would be that apart from the tube down the throat which I will not do. I couldn’t, I’d gag too much to have that done.’ (F)
‘When it starts getting super requirements…the list passes like 20 things you can’t do.’ (M)
‘That you kind of need a car.’ (F)