Table 4

Participants’ experiential feedback about the intervention content

Elements of the interventionThemes and quotes
Message content and tailoring
Understanding and acceptability of the theoretical determinants
Increase awareness of the importance to take medications as prescribed
  • ’So, that message came over quite clear, you know, that you must—you mustn’t miss them. You must take them, you know. So, I thought it was quite good.' Patient 01001X

Increase awareness of the benefits to keep taking medications as prescribed and potential risks when not taking medications
  • Q. Can you remember a specific message?

  • R. ’One message said how important it was to keep taking your pills to keep you fit and healthy.' Patient 02028K

  • R. ’One [message] talked about the benefits of taking your medication regularly.' Patient 02076E

  • R. ’If I’m honest, no. I’ve had a holiday in-between. No, I don’t—I think probably, the one about—there was one about keeping—you’re taking it to keep well, yeah, probably that one, that’s the one that sticks in my mind.' Patient 01051L

Remind to take medications
  • ’For me, the short message was ideal, you know? Who am I? and yes, and, "Have you taken your medication?"' Patients 01006W

  • ’I liked the idea of just a phone call to say, "Is that {name}?” "Yeah." "Take your tablet." Straightforward, you know.' Patient 01001X

  • ’Oh, well, just the, you know, jogging the memory … Yeah, it’s, you know, the telephone rings, somebody comes out with a message, are you so and so? Don’t forget to take your tablets and so, you take them.' Patient 01025G

  • ’I will say I liked it because it reminded me, like helped me to remember to take my tablet.' Patient 01051L

  • ’I thought it was a good system to—it just reminded me to take my tablets.' Patient 02028K

Social support
  • ’It was interesting to do it and to think someone’s taking some notice of what I’m doing, trying to get rid of my high blood pressure.' Patient 01024X

  • Habit formation

  • ’Well, the telephone call comes through at the same time every morning and so, you know you’re going to take the pills.' Patient 01025G

  • ’Well, I mean, yes, I mean, the phone call alone, without any message at all, would remind you.' Patient 01031Q

  • ’It helped the routine, I mean, that was just that reminder of doing things … by the end I’d developed a bit of a routine that I’m sitting there with the kind of phone ready for {time} o’clock, right, and then I would go and take my tablets.' Patient 01057V

  • Data from patients’ (n=17) face-to-face interviews at the end of the 1-month pilot intervention (T2).