Table 2

Healthcare providers’ experiential feedback

Views about recruiting non-adherent patients'[patients who do not adhere to medication] they’re just not coming in for their monitoring … a lot of the names on the list [of eligible participants] were people that weren’t coming in anyway and that was the biggest problem.' Practice nurse
Views about barriers to recruit for a digital intervention’cause they thought it was them, they had bad blood pressure or something … there was a question about what other medication do you take as well, and they’re like, "Why do we have to answer that if it’s only about the blood pressure one?" … but he felt like they were invading his space, sort of thing, by putting down all the medications, you can kind of guess what they’re for, and that’s what he didn’t really want to.' Practice nurse
Views and recommendations about recruitment methodsAnnual reviews: ’Annual review is a bit more time … when its annual reviews because we’re actually talking about their tablets.' Practice nurse recommendation about recruitment procedures
Practice website: ’But you can put a facility on the online forum. A lot of people access our website, so there are quite a lot of other places that people might look maybe more than a poster.' Practice nurse
Medication prescriptions: ’But every time you get a repeat prescription list, you can write something on it.' Practice nurse
  • n=8 healthcare providers: nurses and healthcare assistants. Themes have been coded at interviews with healthcare providers at development (n=5) and piloting of the intervention (n=3). Quotes reported in table are from experiential interviews with healthcare providers (T2).