Table 2

Examples of patient-centred care (PCC) measurement classified according to the person-centred care framework18

PCC measure classificationDomainExample of ways to measure PCC
Structure (n=80)Supporting a workforce committed to PCC.
  • The development needs of healthcare personnel are met by ongoing review through supervision, appraisal and individual development plans.22

  • All staff and volunteers can articulate person-centred principles and practices applicable to their role(s) and demonstrate their implementation.32

Providing a supportive and accommodating PCC environment.
  • Residents have a choice of a private room.32

  • Patient satisfaction survey translated into Spanish.44

Cultivating communication.
  • (Regular) doctor involving patients in decisions about care or treatment.27

  • Making use of open-ended questions in a conversation with the patient.31

  • Patient had the knowledge and support to make decisions.30

  • Regular doctor providing easy-to-understand explanations.28

Respectful and compassionate care.
  • Patient received emotional support from nurses if needed.30

  • Giving confidence to the patient.29

  • Does the general practitioner pay attention to patients’ needs?20

Patient-reported outcomes.
  • Measures are in place to assess and provide feedback on the interpersonal skills of healthcare personnel.22

  • Regarding infertility treatment, patients would like to see all members of the infertility treatment team following the same policy.42