Table 3

What could surgery do to attract more women to the profession

Flexible training and career options (eg, part time, less than full time)42% (n=34)
Project a less masculine image/address this25% (n=20)
Improve the work/life balance18% (n=15)
More female mentors/role models18% (n=15)
More team/collaborative approaches7% (n=6)
Financial support of trainees6% (n=5)
Remove the perception of the need for PhDs/to be an academic3% (n=3)
Sessional work2% (n=2)
More positions in larger cities2% (n=2)
Less overbooking1% (n=2)
More surgical training for medical students1% (n=1)
Educate surgeons in unconscious bias1% (n=1)
Nothing3% (n=3)
Do not know/not sure5% (n=5)
Respondent skipped question6% (n=5)