Table 2

Smoking history of interview respondents

Name* AgeAge first smokedSmoking historyCurrent smoking status
Adam2314Quit for 3 months at 19Current smoker (30/day)
Rachel2213Quit at 16, relapsed at 19, quit at 20Ex-regular smoker
Tom2010Quit at 14, relapsed at 16, cut down recentlyCurrent smoker (3–5/day)
Sarah2218Quit for 3 months at 19Current smoker (5–7/day)
Louise2218Trying to cut down and quitCurrent smoker (10/day)
Daniel2317Quit attempt at 20Current smoker (15–20/day)
Jamie2412Quit for 6 months at 19, cut down with e-cigarette at 22Ex-regular smoker
Duncan2312Quit for 1 week at 18Current smoker (12/day)
Peter24<10Quit at 17Ex-occasional smoker
Kate2313Quit attempt at 20 postpregnancyCurrent smoker (+6/day) and uses e-cigarette
Rob2417Quit for 2 days at 21, cut down/quit at 24Ex-regular smoker and uses e-cigarette
Chris2314Quit for 6 months at 19Current smoker (4–5/day)
Stephen2315Cut down recentlyCurrent smoker (10/day)
Alison2118Very low occasional smokerEx-occasional smoker
Helen2312/13Quit for 3 months at 21, cut down recentlyCurrent smoker (8–10/day)
  • *All names are pseudonyms.