Table 3

Reliability results

QuestionKappaPercentage agreementNature of discrepant answers
In which of the following languages do you prefer to read or write?1.007/7None
Marital status0.706/7Widow versus divorced
What is your highest level of schooling/education?0.466/7Below grade 7/standard 5 versus don’t know
What is your employment status?0.616/7Unemployed versus employed
Monthly income0.153/7Between R4000 and R10 000 versus refused; disability grant versus <R4000; <R4000 versus between R4000 and R10 000
How many times have you been pregnant?17/7None
How many children do you have?17/7None
Did you ever have a miscarriage?17/7None
Did you ever lose a baby at birth?17/7None
Did you ever lose a child later on?17/7None
Did you ever have a termination of pregnancy?06/7Yes versus no
How many months pregnant were you when you went to book at clinic with your youngest child?0.453/74 months versus <2 months; 5 months versus 4 months; did not book versus 6 months
Which clinic did you attend when you were pregnant with the youngest child?0.826/7Did not attend versus Eastern Cape
Did you attend a hospital when you were pregnant with the youngest child?17/7None
If you attended hospital, what was its name?0.816/7Tygerberg versus Eastern Cape
How many times did you attend clinic when you were pregnant with your youngest child?0.706/7Did not attend versus once
In which province was your youngest child born?17/7None
In which type of healthcare facility did you deliver the youngest child?0.596/7Hospital versus Midwife Obstetric Unit
What was name of the hospital or clinic?0.816/7Gugulethu, KTC versus Tygerberg