Table 2

Inclusion and exclusion criteria

Inclusion criteriaExclusion criteria
Age >18 years.BRCA1 mutation of uncertain significance.
Premenopausal.Personal history of breast or ovarian carcinoma.
Known pathogenic BRCA1 mutation.Previous risk-reducing breast or ovarian surgery.
Intact ovaries.Postmenopausal status.
No previous breast/ovarian carcinoma.Concomitant use of alternative chemoprevention regimens.
No other previous malignancy.Concomitant use of other hormonal agents less than 1 month prior to enrolment.
No previous use of chemoprevention.Contraindications to study drug therapies.
Willingness to use non-hormonal contraception.Contraindications to breast core biopsies.
Pregnancy or breast feeding.
Inability to give informed consent.
Having made a decision to proceed with risk-reducing surgery.