Table 1

Weighted background characteristics for military and non-military women, Kinshasa 2016

Age groups (years)
Level of education
 No education2.16%4.31%
 Middle secondary school63.56%66.76%
 Advanced secondary or higher15.72%15.40%
Marital status
 Never married47.65%47.09%
Wealth index
 Quintile 1 (lowest)15.09%26.43%
 Quintile 219.33%27.02%
 Quintile 321.28%20.65%
 Quintile 421.33%15.05%
 Quintile 5 (highest)22.97%10.85%
Fertility and children
 Number lifetime births1.821.71
 Experienced child mortality19.65%12.44%*
 Do not want another child18.03%46.72%**
 Last birth unintended7.36%26.29%**
Family planning use
 Contraceptive use42.28%17.43%**
 Traditional contraceptive use21.39%6.56%*
 Modern contraceptive use20.89%10.87%**
 Obtained the desired family planning method92.41%68.25%**
Family planning knowledge
 Heard of implants83.27%55.82%**
 Heard of injectables87.83%60.91%**
 Heard of condoms94.73%81.91%**
 Heard of withdrawal80.83%46.94%**
 Heard of rhythm91.50%44.57%**
Family planning exposure
 Visited health facility in past 12 months55.18%28.84%**
 Heard about family planning on the radio34.65%58.58%*
 Read about family planning in a magazine/newspaper13.12%50.76%**
 Saw family planning billboard advertisement46.12%89.34%**
  • Difference between military and non-military significant at *p≤0.05, **p≤0.01.