Table 3

Summary of assessments and interventions

Time point<30 days prior to entryWeek 1Week 4Week 8Week 12Week 16Week 20Week 24Week 28Week 32 (end of trial)
Informed consentA+B
Baseline historyA+B
 Eligibility screen and pregnancy testA+BA+B
Treatment allocationA+B
Start tamoxifen (12 weeks)BA
Start anastrozole (12 weeks)AB
Goserelin implant injectionAAABBB
Quality of life assessmentA+BA+BA+B
Core breast biopsies ×3A+BA+BA+B
Blood samples for oestrogen and metabolite levelsA+BA+BA+B
Blood sample for whole bloodA+BA+BA+B
Urine samples for oestrogen and metabolite levelsA+BA+BA+B
Adverse event assessmentA+BA+BA+BA+BA+BA+B
  • A corresponds to treatment arm A of the study (goserelin and anastrozole followed by tamoxifen. B corresponds to treatment arm B, tamixofen followed by goserelin and anastrozole.